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For translators

Voiceover Services

Our voice over service includes several elements. Firstly, our experienced translators translate the English script into the chosen language or languages, re-wording if necessary to ensure the translation is suitable for its intended market.

We will then use professional voice over artists that speak the chosen language as their mother tongue. This ensures that every detail is pronounced correctly, and that all the subtle nuances of the language are correctly interpreted. We will select the best narrator also for you.

This comprehensive voice over service can be used for:

»Television and Radio Commercials
»Narration of Documentaries
»Movie Trailer Voices
»Business and Corporate Voice Presentations
»Character and Cartoon Voice Actors
»Game Voices

A well-matched narrator's voice gives the final touch to any film (in a voice-over version). In our recording studio, the most popular TV and radio announcers lend their voices to films of a diverse nature.

Please visit our recording studio. If you have never been to a place like this, the visit will provide you with interesting experiences and new knowledge.

Because a professional recording studio must meet specific acoustic and architectural requirements.

What are they?
We hope we will soon be doing a film project together, which will give you an opportunity to see for yourself what film soundtrack production is about and how important it is to be carried out at a professional recording studio.