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Quality Assurance

We produce accurate translations with proper word usage which we accomplish through the use of native language translators. Every project is given our individual attention because it matters to us. To minimize translation errors every translation project undergoes an additional, third-party proofreading to ensure the highest quality in transference. We also use translation memory software to assure completeness and consistency of terminology throughout the project.

"Translation" for us means the delivery of an edited, proofread, publication-quality document in the appropriate language.

A Dedication to Quality for us is:

In depth collaborations with our partners in order to fulfill their expectations.

We use only highly qualified translators and interpreters. Our translators translate into their native language, and are experts on the subjects in which they translate. We ensure that the translators assigned to your project have the appropriate expertise required to provide you with a high quality, culturally sensitive translation in any field that you desire.

Rigorous quality control inspection of all translations, proofreading and adaptation of terminology to the particular style of each client through the use of glossaries or automatic resources provided by network-based technological databases (Service Quality Department).

Reflect your company's global image through accurate, efficient translations of your business documents. Watch your personal projects flourish by reaching an extended audience through document translation into additional languages. Butex Translations language translation services are competitively priced without compromising quality or your timeline.