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Multimedia Presentations

Nothing appeals to the audience more than an interactive presentation or animation. Graphical presentation of an offer to a customer, visualization of a lecture or conference, enhancement of training materials, are just a few examples of the use of multimedia presentations.Depending on your specific needs, we will carefully choose the method of showing the presentation, background sound, graphics and film footage, so that all those components will form a cohesive whole.

It is also important for us to be aware of the purpose of the presentation, i.e. how it will be shown (e.g. on a PC or by means of professional audiovisual equipment at a large international conference). This knowledge will enable us to choose the optimum techniques for the presentation concerned.

We will do the following for you:

»translate the text of the presentation
»convert it into the target language version
»adapt the graphics contained in the presentation
»edit and prepare a new version of the presentation (e.g. using specific sound files)
»prepare a new presentation based on your texts, graphics and audio or video sequences

and deliver it to you complete and ready on any medium of your choice and in an agreed number of copies.