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For translators


If you entrust your interpretation to us you can be sure that anything you say or hear shall be translated accurately, reliably and in accordance with the specific nature of the language. We provide interpreters for consecutive and simultaneous interpreting at any venue on any topic. This includes both formal events such as conferences, symposia, negotiations, presentations, training sessions; and informal occasions such as corporate holidays, banquets, weddings or excursions.

They will take great care not only to interpret your words but also to convey your intentions, regardless of whether the interpretation is:


What is simultaneous interpretation?
Simultaneous interpretation is required during conferences and meetings in which many persons participate. During such events interpreters sitting in special booths hear the original text in headphones and simultaneously translate it for the listeners.

What is consecutive interpretation?
With this type of interpretation the speaker stops after every few sentences, giving the interpreter time to translate the delivered fragment.

What is whispered simultaneous interpretation?
The interpreter translates the contents of a delivered speech or a conversation by whispering to one or more (the maximum number is three) participants of the meeting. This type of interpretation is recommended in the case of less official occasions or in situations when interpretation is required for a small group of persons.

Why is it worth entrusting interpretation during such conferences with us?
We provide both professional interpreters and appropriate equipment. We shall take care of all organizational matters:

»we shall determine the number of interpreters necessary for a conference, lecture or any other type of event
»we shall find interpreters knowing the appropriate language combinations
»we shall evaluate the loudspeaking or audiovisual equipment necessary for such an event and we shall propose the best solutions
»we shall provide technical service during the conference

We also provide our services at conferences which require simultaneous interpretation into more than one language. Find more by clicking Conference Services.