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Company Profile

The idea for creating Butex Translations Ltd. was developed in 1997 by Lucjan Butulescu in Crakow, Poland when he recognized a need for quality Romanian translators in this area. It was 2002, when his wife Kristina joined the company and Butex Translations Ltd. expanded its presence and competitiveness by moving its production to Sofia, Bulgaria, thus being able to provide better prices with the same quality translation offering, but with more language capabilities than before.

Butex Translations Ltd. has almost 10 year experience in technical and general translations. Over time the company developed an experienced group of translators that can handle any task and thus be able to provide premier translation services with an uncompromising commitment to quality and on-time delivery.

In addition to those aspects of quality control methodology as applied to the translation and adaptation of content to a country's legislation and culture, we provide associated services which include: Graphical Editing of Text, DTP, Multimedia presentations, Web site localization, Content management, Designer's creations, Voice-over services etc.

Our mission
Enhance the quality of life by eliminating language and technical barriers to interpersonal communication.

Our vision
To become the leader in the language and technical services market in order to meet the creative copy adaptation needs of the advertising and marketing world and to improve the international and intercultural communication between people and their access to knowledge and information.

Our objective
The main objectives of Butex Translations Ltd. is to deliver the best assistance to the customer in order to fulfill his requirements by providing high class language and technical services combined with the highest professional level.